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Since the turn of the millennium, the financial markets have presented two catastrophic bear markets that investors have had to endure.  The downside risk is fresh on many investors’ minds.  This combined with historically low interest rates has made it challenging for advisors and their clients seeking consistent compounding solutions that will provide sustainable income in retirement.

Today’s pre-retirees and retirees may be challenged as no other recent generation has.  They may spend more than 20 years in retirement due to improved lifestyles and longer life expectancies.  Many of our clients are concerned about outliving their savings, and sometimes the wealthiest individuals can be the most vulnerable.  More than ever before, retirees are dependent upon their investments to generate retirement income, with fewer companies providing traditional pension plans, retirees are being forced to assume the investment risk associated with their retirement assets.


Artesian Financial offers a different approach than the “buy and hold” strategy to investment management.  As a firm, we emphatically do not believe in the invest it and forget it approach.  Clearly, there is a time to be invested in the market to achieve upside potential and growth.  However, we believe that it is very important to de-risk while being in or away from the market, especially for investors who have less time on their side as they approach retirement or are currently retired.  Tactical Asset Management is a philosophy of seeking to capture market gains, while minimizing market losses.  It is our philosophy that you don’t have to lose in order to gain.

Our responsibility is to be a resource for providing clear financial advice.  We strive to develop a trusting relationship by assisting our clients in all areas of their financial lives.  Everyones financial lives are different, therefore it is our objective to develop a customized plan that can be mutually committed to for a long period of time.

We are conservative and use time tested principles in a way that may increase the probability of success in order to accomplish determined objectives.  We rarely speculate on investments and will err on the side of caution whenever possible.


We begin the planning process by discussing the goals you wish to accomplish by working with us.  We will discuss available options, address any questions and concerns, and determine appropriate strategies to move forward.  Our comprehensive evaluation of your financial estate is addressed in the following areas:


Be Personal:

We will treat you as an individual with your own set of goals and challenges to create a personal financial plan that fits your objectives.  The relationship we strive to build should be clear from the moment you walk in the door.  We will ask you to share information with us that you might not normally share with anyone other than your family.  Just as you must disclose personal information to your doctor, your attorney, and your accountant, we ask that you treat us with the same consideration.

Communicate as Life and Goals Change:

Throughout our relationship, you may experience significant life changes – jobs, marriage, birth, death, etc.  We are here to celebrate with you during the good times and support you during the difficult times.  Please keep us up to date as life changes.  In addition, we promise to do our part to provide proactive and regular contact with you as often as you desire.

Put You First:

By accepting a Fiduciary role, we will always act in your best interest- treating your money with the same care and prudence that we would treat our own or our parents.  We ask that you consider our advice carefully and work with us as we develop plans and strategies.  Where there is uneasiness or a misunderstanding, it is important that we discuss concerns so we can endeavor to find a workable solution as opposed to not communicating on a difficult subject.

Maintain Confidentiality:

We will keep your personal information private and never share it with anyone outside the firm unless you authorize us to do so.  Your digital and physical data are always protected.

Be Honest:

There are many tears of joy, sadness, and success that we share with our clients.  We hope that you will openly communicate your goals, dreams, fears, and insecurities about money with us.  Everybody has things that keep them awake at night or motivate them to act in a certain way.  The more we know about these things, the more we can help you achieve your goals and eliminate concerns.

Be Unbiased:

We have no allegiance to any company, product, or service beyond our belief in its ability to help you reach your financial goals.  We prefer a fee based approach (instead of commissions) for investments to reflect this lack of bias.


Communication is very critical to help you design, implement, and monitor a plan that will achieve your goals.  The more effectively we can communicate, the more personalized and meaningful your financial plan will be.  We have an open door policy and encourage our clients to contact us anytime a need or question arises.  Along with our technical expertise and experience, we will serve as your professional liaison in both the complex and routine chores of financial management.  We understand you have placed great responsibilities in our hands and promise to uphold this obligation every day.  We thank you for the trust you have placed in us.


Choosing an advisor to manage your wealth is one of the most important decisions that you can make.  It is a decision that will affect many decades of your life, as well as, centuries for your heirs, beneficiaries, and charities.  Therefore, it is crucial to work with a firm you can trust – one which is dedicated to understanding and addressing your specific individual goals and needs.  Before you make a decision of which firm to use, watch this video, and learn the difference between a Fiduciary and a broker.

A Fiduciary is someone who has a legal obligation to act on an others best interest.  A broker is someone who facilitates a financial transaction between two parties, often receiving a one-time commission for their services, and then doing it again later for another commission.

Artesian Financial Group does not provide legal services.  Legal services may only be provided by a licensed attorney.   Clients may consult with an attorney of their choosing.

Our Values:


We are proud of our long relationships with our clients.


Every client is very important to us.


We are committed to maintaining the confidentiality of all our clients.


There’s always room for learning more of today's market to best serve our clients' interests.

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